Durbanet, founded by Colin Muller in 1995, brought on line some of Durban's best-known Web sites, among them artSMart, Adams Books, and (as part of the Zula Rock consortium) KwaZulu-Natal Tourism, and saw them through their first decade-plus on the Net, developing bespoke content management systems and providing design and general expertise in all matters networking and Web.

Alongside major Internet presences like these, Durbanet also first brought to the Web a variety of culturally and socially significant organisations, including the Durban Art Gallery, The Cato Manor Development Project, The Durban Self-Help Housing Project, and the BAT Centre.

Most Durbanet-developed sites have now been handed on to others, and we are not currently taking on new clients.

Out of personal interest, Colin maintains, on the Durbanet home page, a small, subjective directory of sites of cultural and social interest related to Durban:

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